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The Purchase Community House is celebrating 100 years!
Leave your mark on the Front Porch…It's better than carving initials in the Hollow Tree!

The building everyone knows as the PCH was built in 1917 and officially opened on July 19, 1917. To celebrate this birthday, we are offering an opportunity to become a part of the legacy of the Purchase Community House.


The front entrance to the building will serve as the focal point of the Celebration. We will be installing engraved bricks of varying sizes to commemorate this milestone. We encourage you to purchase a Centennial brick to leave your tribute and become a part of the fabric which makes the PCH your home away from home.


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in this distinctive community project.


The Centennial brick pavers will be on sale from now until February 28, 2018. Installation is slated for the beginning of April, 2018 with the unveiling in May, 2018.


Brick positions will be allocated from the center to the edge based on the date your order is submitted. There is a limited number of bricks available and once we reach our limit, the opportunity will be gone forever. Please don't wait till the last minute!


Locally, we already know there is strong support for the Centennial brick pavers and there will not be a second or third run of bricks in future years.  This is the ONLY opportunity to be a foundational member of the PCH as we transition from the first 100 years to the next 100 years.


Purchase Community, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, so your brick purchase is 100% tax deductible.


Become a permanent part of the Purchase Community House. Order a Centennial brick in honor of your family, your daughter, your son or any family member who worked or participated in the PCH Afterschool Program, Purchase Day Camp, Friday Night Youth, Swim Team, Pool Program, the Purchase Fair or any other memory you may have had at the PCH as a child or adult. The possibilities are endless. The PCH has touched hearts and shaped both young and old for 100 years! There is no other place like the PCH! Create a tribute to the memories you have made at the Purchase Community House.


  • Honor a Parent
  • Remember Special Activities
  • Celebrate a Child
  • Permanent Memorial


3-D Bricks

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The Purchase Community House.

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