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As of April 25, 2022, we have received total donations of $83,945.00 contributed by 101 donors. Thank you for contributing to our 2021-22 Capital Fund Campaign. Although Giving Tuesday has passed, the Capital Fund Campaign continues into 2022. Please help out the Purchase Community House with a donation if you can.

We want to thank everyone for their support, both financially and through participation, last year. We were able to reopen the preschool last September and we had camp again in 2021 after missing the summer of 2020. It has been a long 20 months for everyone. We hope you are doing well and managing through what is now a new normal for all of us.

It was more important than ever that we opened because our kids needed every bit of normalcy they could get. As childcare professionals, we can definitely see the impact the pandemic has had on our children. They must re-learn how to be social; how to play in groups; how to put down their screens. The good news is that once they get comfortable in a group setting, their ability to interact comes alive. We saw it in preschool, after schooland summer camp. They can thrive and we are helping them do it.

Which brings us to the ask. Giving Tuesday is November 30, 2021. We had a loss of over $750,000 in fiscal year 2020. We technically had a surplus in 2021 but that was primarily because our PPP loans were forgiven. Financially, the House is alive but still struggling. We need your help to continue providing our programs. We are hoping that you can help us on GIVING TUESDAY by donating.

We have set a goal of $75,000 for this year from 150 donors by November 30th. This an ambitious goal but one that is attainable. Last year we had 117 donors contributing a total of $82,069 including company matches. We want to thank our past donors for recognizing how important the Purchase Community House, Purchase Day Camp and Purchase Children's Center are to our community.

We know times are tough and if you cannot donate at this time, we understand. If you can help, please click the link below to make a donation.

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The Board of Directors extends it's sincere thanks to everyone who gave in the 2020-21 campaign. We specifically want to recognize our Grand Patrons; the Trikounakis Family and our Patrons; the Canell Family, the Tokarz Family and the Palaia Family. Those significant donations clearly pushed us over the top so Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! For a list of our generous donors to the 2020-21 Capital Fund Drive, Click Here.

Donor Listing 2021-22 Donor Listing 2020-21 Dear Supporters of the Purchase Community House,

Although the peak of the pandemic has passed in our area, the virus is clearly not gone. As we watch other states go through what we did in spring, our hearts go out to everyone impacted by this terrible illness. I hope that you and everyone in your family are healthy and safe.

The effects of COVID-19 are not just physical. As you may know, the Purchase Community House was forced to suspend spring preschool and after school activities, as well as cancel its summer camp for the first time ever due to COVID-19. This uprecedented event has caused us to reach into our reserves to continue operations. Although this is precisely why such reserves exist, it is critical that we replenish such funds in order to ensure that the Community House has a bright future. This will enable us to innovate and make critical investments in our infrastructure that will benefit children for years to come. The Community House has touched children's lives for multiple generations and will continue to do so long into the future. We urge you to help support us with a donation during this pivotal time. Children's safety, program design and staffing and safety have always been our primary guiding principles. Any donation is very much appreciated, and given our goal that each child's voice, participation and happiness comes before all else, we are asking you to consider a generous donation. Additionally, but only if you have the financial capacity to do so, please consider contacting us regarding several naming rights opportunities, including the Tennis Court, Pavilion and Lower Playground. As always, your donation will be tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Thank you for your support as we look forward to welcoming everyone back to our House as soon as safely as possible.

Shannon Anderson
President of the Board of Directors

Giving Levels

$10,000 + Grand Patron
$5,000 - $9,999 Patron
$2,500 - $4,999 Benefactor
$500 - $749 Supporter
$1,000 - $2,499 Leader
$250 - $499 Friend
$750 - $999 Sponsor
$10 - $249 Booster

Our Board of Directors:

Shannon Anderson *
Chuck Atanasio **
Andrew Benerofe
Loren Canell
Clare Conlin
Lauren de la Cruz
Justine Gaeta
Jessica Levinson-Andruk
Marylee Liebowitz
Eleanor Mytych
Carolyn Rodier
Scott Sherman ***
Michael Winter ***

* Board President
** Fundraising Chair
*** Fundraising Committee
As always, Capital Fund donors will continue to be duly recognized by giving level in future PCH publications and at future PCH events. While we know you do not give merely for publicity, your gift will undoubtedly motivate others in our community to join in this important quest.

If you would rather not be recognized in any formal listing of contributors, please indicate that on the donation form and include the form with your donation. If you are donating online and wish to remain anonymous, please check the appropriate box on the online donation form before submitting your donation.

If you donated in the past and want to change how your name is listed, or if you are donating for the first time and want your name listed a particular way, please indicate that on the donation form and include the form with your donation. If you are donating online and want your name listed a particular way, please indicate how you want to be listed on the online donation form before submitting your donation.

Checks are made payable to Purchase Community, Inc., a tax-exempt, non-profit organization under I.R.S. code 501(c)(3). The mailing address for checks is Purchase Community, Inc., 3095 Purchase Street, Purchase, NY 10577. Donations are tax deductible as provided by current Tax Law.

If you work for an organization that offers a matching funds program, please consider exercising that option.