Our Pool Complex includes:
  • 4 Heated Pools!
  • Umbrella Fountain for the little ones!
  • Lounge Chairs
  • Shade Canopy and Umbrellas
  • Basketball Hoops
  • Snack Bar
  • Swimming Lessons
  • Tennis Lessons
  • 18 Hole Miniature Golf Course
  • Playgrounds
  • Playfields and Gaga Pit
  • and so much more!!!



Dear Pool Patrons,

We had intended to open the pools for Father's Day Sunday however we are unable to secure enough lifeguards to open the pools. It is a family day and our staff is spending time with their families too. I apologize.

I want to also make you aware that, based on the feedback from Memorial Day weekend and input from my guards, it is possible that we will not open for July Fourth weekend either. Since we were only opening sporadically, many families have already found other options and therefore don't need the service. I will update you as we get closer.

Thank you for your understanding. Have a happy Father's Day.



We are excited to announce the opening of the pools for holiday weekends this summer. This has been a difficult 14 months for everyone. Here at PCH, we recognize that we are all looking forward to getting back to some sense of normalcy. We are moving in the right direction and our infection rates continue to decline. However, that is not to say that we are out of the woods yet. Nevertheless, we are thankful for the opportunity to provide some pool programs this year after missing last summer entirely.

The pandemic has caused New York State to implement very strict rules about pool openings. This severely limits the number of families we are allowed to have at the pool this summer. Based on feedback from the community and based on the much lower number of families we can accommodate, the price for a full year membership program is cost prohibitive to our patrons. Therefore, we have decided to open the pools on an individual day registration basis for the three holiday weekends. This will allow you to control your costs and only pay when you are using the pools.

Based on the guidance, we can accommodate seventeen (17) families per session. We will open for two sessions each day; 11:00am to 2:00pm and 3:00pm to 6:00pm. We will clean the facility between sessions. Registration will be done online the week before each holiday and payment will be required at the time of registration. We will limit each family to one session during the initial registration period. If, after several days of registration, there are still spaces remaining, then we will open registration to families who wish to book two or more sessions.

The fee for each session is $50. This fee covers your entire family and is not per person. Each family will be allocated a spot on the deck with three (3) lounge chairs and will be separated by six (6) feet from the next family. Social distancing between families is required both on the deck and in the water. Masks must be worn when you are not in the water. Be aware that our permit is at risk if all covid restrictions are not followed which would severely impact the camp program. Please follow directions from our staff. They are tasked with making sure that New York State-mandated rules are followed, in order that we can continue to open the pool to our members.

This is an entirely new process for us and, honestly, we are not 100% sure how it will work. We feel strongly that we want to offer our members an opportunity to use the pools. However, based on the loss of revenue in 2020, we cannot run a program that will result in another loss of income. While the limited capacity is the ultimate reason behind this structure, a limited number of lifeguards also plays into the decision.

If we determine that there is significant demand for the program, we will attempt to add Sundays to the list of open dates. If that is successful, we will consider opening on Saturdays as well. The pool will not be open on weekdays this summer. We are hopeful to return to our regular pool membership program for the 2022 summer where you can join for a nominal fee and enjoy the pools any time we are open. For now, the schedule will be as follows:

pool schedule 2021
Registration is open to the following patrons:
  • Purchase Residents
  • 2021 Day Camp Patrons
  • 2021 and 2022 Purchase Children's Center Students
  • 2021 After School Participants
  • 2019 Pool Members
Registration for the holiday weekend will open at 9:00am on the Monday before. Patrons can book one session at a family fee of $50. If there are slots still available, we will open the additional sessions to eligible patrons as of Thursday at 9:00am. At that time, you may book more than one session.

If we close the pools due to inclement weather, you will be refunded your fee. If the weather is not perfect but the pools remain open, your fee will be charged.

We recognize this is not the ideal situation. We wanted to do our best to provide some type of programming this summer. Based on prior attendance data, these are clearly the most attended days. Thank you for your understanding and support of our programs and we look forward to your feedback and participation.